Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Does the world really need another Orthodox Christian blogsite? Well, it's up to you to judge. If I get no hits, I can assume the answer is 'No' and close it down. However, there is always the possibility that my miscellaneous ramblings on Orthodox themes may strike a chord with some people, not because they are particularly profound but because they are not. I am no theologian and it is unlikely that you will find here any great spiritual truths or soul-searing revelations, merely the random thoughts of one, not particularly pious, layman. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, any profundities you find are purely accidental!

I should add that, despite my rapidly whitening hair, I am still a 'toddler' in the Orthodox Church and, as I stumble my way forward, I hope that readers will stop me falling flat on my face. The views expressed here are personal and may well contain misunderstandings, illogicalities and even downright mistakes. This is me, ‘warts and all,’ what you see is what you get. I hope you will find no actual heresies but, if any do exist, put them down to my ignorance. Fortunately, the Orthodox Church has rarely been really savage towards heretics, and I don't think they ever burned any! In any case, I trust to God’s infinite love and forgiveness not to damn the soul of one who is trying to do his best.

Below, you will find my first posting which gives a little of the background to my spiritual history.

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