Sunday, 14 April 2013


Due to an ever-increasing amount of spam and junk coming onto my blog as "Comments," I've decided to initiate word verification. I hope this may discourage the spammers who seem to want me to link to everything from on-line poker to cures for erectile dysfunction!! I must admit, the spam for a vegetarian diet website was a bit more logical as it was posted on the blog about Lent. In case the junk still gets through, I'll be moderating all comments before allowing them to be published so they won't be seen immediately. I hope this doesn't inconvenience people with genuine comments and I would still welcome any feedback.

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Please feel free to give feedback whether positive or negative. It seems that the comment box won't work unless you complete the Comment as... box. I don't understand all the settings but suggest you choose anonymous and put your name in the text (unless you really do want to be anonymous!) Name + URL (email address) should also work. Due to increasing Spam comments, I've had to introduce word recognition (CAPTCHA) but don't let that put you off.