Sunday, 6 July 2014



Having changed my mind about carrying on with my book on Orthodox martyrs of the twentieth century, the work is nearly complete. My general procedure in the book is to write a general introduction to a section, followed by a few examples of particular people who were martyred for their faith. One of the chapters is devoted to the Orthodox Church in Greece under Nazi occupation. I think I have enough material for the general background, certainly including the courageous stand of Archbishop Damaskinos and others in protecting Jews from deportation. However, I am in urgent need of a few stories of priests or Orthodox laypeople who gave their lives because their Christian beliefs led them to defiance of the authorities. I am sure there are plenty of stories but, ironically since I live in Greece, I have not been able to find any detailed information.

What I am looking for are any of the following:

a)     Actual information: brief stories, either from other sources or from personal knowledge. Even family memories would be good as they add reality.
b)     Access to somebody else who could help.
c)      Useful internet links.
If anyone is able to help me, I would be eternally grateful. Please post a comment or send a message to my FaceBook page: Chris Moorey Books. 

By the way, since I am self-publishing the book (initially on Kindle), in the not too distant future I will be needing a few hardy volunteers to proofread the manuscript and/or write brief reviews. Any volunteers?   

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