Friday, 21 December 2012


Well, it didn't happen, which will come as no surprise to Christians as Jesus several times made it crystal clear that nobody will know when it will happen: “Be on your guard, then, because you do not know what day your Lord will come” … “No one knows, however, when that day and hour will come – neither the angels in Heaven nor the Son; the Father alone knows.” 

 Nevertheless, it doesn't stop people trying. To be fair to the Mayans, it wasn't they who predicted the 21 December 2012 as the end of the world; they just stopped computing more dates. Over the years, there have been a multitude of cranks and oddbods attempting to predict the end of the world, so far with little success! Although I have very little time for the Jehovah's Witnesses, intriguingly their original prediction for the date of  Armageddon was 1914 and it could be argued that their estimate was nearer than most. Certainly the states of Europe did their best to bring it about!  

Cartoon with permission of Leigh Rubin. If you enjoy quirky humour, as I do, his website is certainly worth a visit. (

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  1. enjoyed another blog - and those cartoons are certainly quirky x R x


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