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(Again, the title is under wraps for the time being.)

This is hopefully my next major publication and still needs a lot of work. I am approaching the point where I need to make a decision on how comprehensive I want it to be. There are probably more Orthodox martyrs from the 20th century than from Roman times so, on the one hand, limiting the subject matter makes for a tighter, more approachable book which, nevertheless, gives the reader insight into the wide range of locations and times in which Orthodox Christians gave their lives for their faith. On the other hand, I want to do justice to the topic by covering as much ground as possible. However, taking the second option leads to the problem of where to stop. I don't want to still be writing this in twenty years' time (chance would be a fine thing!) So, I'll reproduce here the sections I've already completed or decided on and, if anyone feels there are serious omissions or has any suggestions, please let me know. I can't promise I'll include all suggestions as it's not always possible to find reliable information but I'll certainly take note of them.

The Boxer Rebellion
The Austro-Hungarian Empire (Maxim Sandovich)
New Martyrs of Russia - Metropolitan Benjamin of Kiev
                                    Grand Duchess Elizabeth
                                    Metropolitan Vladimir of Petrograd
                                    Andronicus, Archbishop of Perm  
                                    Arcadius, Bishop of Lubny
                                    Oranki Monastery
                                    The Estonian martyrs
                                    John of Riga
Asia Minor - Metropolitan Chrysostomos of Smyrna
            Bishop Euthymios of Amasia
            Metropolitan Gregorios of Kydanion
            Metropolitan Ambrosios of Moshonesion
            Bishop Khosrov Behrigian
            Fr. Mgrdich’ Chghladian

Nazi Germany and the Second World Warehouses
            Alexander Schmorell (Germany)
            Mother Maria of Paris (France)
            Fr. Dimitry Klepinin (France)
            Ilya Fondaminsky (France)
            Bishop Sava & Bishop Platon (Yugoslavia)
            Basil Martysz (Poland)
            Greece (Still researching information)

Post-War Period - Romania - Constantin Oprisan
                                              Valeriu Gafencu
                                             Hilarion the Confessor
                                            Abbot Daniel Tudor
                                           Abbot Iscu
                                          Fr. Surioanu
                                          Fr. Coceanga
                            Yugoslavia - Metr. Joanikije Lipovac of Montenegro
                                                Metr. Joseph Tsvijovic
                                                Bishop Irenaeus Tsilits
                                                Metr. Nektarius Krulj of Bosnia
                                                Metr. Arsenije Bradvarevic
                                                Bishop Varnava Nastic
                          Greece - Joseph of Euboea
                         China - The Cultural Revolution
                         Turkey - The 1955 Pogrom
                          Egypt - Maximose Guirguis
                          Israel - Philoumenos of Jacob’s Well
                         Russia - Bishop Michael of Schema
                                    The Martyrs of Optina Pustyn 
                                    Fr. Alexander Men

The fourth project is mainly of local interest and involves putting a collection of bits and pieces about Elounda on CD-ROM for sale in our local bookshop. Everything is pretty well completed, just the technical bit to get done. For anyone who might be interested, the package will include:
            PDF and WORD versions of a comprehensive guide to all the churches in Elounda parish
            A printable panoramic photograph of the interior of St. Constantine and Eleni
            A virtual reality tour of St. Constantine and Eleni
            Anything else that comes to mind

So that's about it. Plenty to do so roll on retirement; I just haven't got the time to go to work!!

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